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Clear Slick™ Wetsuit


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Red Mask

The clear Slick™ wetsuit is arguably the coolest product in the paddock. Used by Moto GP and Superbike stars alike, this suit keeps your leathers dry while keeping your sponsor’s logos visible. 

With a quick release gusset, the clear Slick™ wetsuit is easily fitted. Designed for road and race use, it is an ideal product to carry with you for riding in uncertain weather. To ensure you purchase the correct size, email us your height weight and size of your leathers (UK or EU size) to

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  • Black Stretch panels to prevent seams from ripping (cheaper ones without stretch panels are guaranteed to rip)
  • 100% Clear PVC not ‘Milky’ clear
  • Releasable gusset fixing for easy putting on and taking off. For road and track use
  • Available with black stretch panels only
  • Fully waterproof (except when swimming)
  • Ride outs
  • Race days
  • Track days
  • Commuting

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I love mine. Have bought 2 as they are quite fragile. They need to go on your jacket before you put it on but the instructions tell you that. Any rips can be repaired with clear gorilla tape and it is completely waterproof.
As it is PVC and not vented it does get condensation inside but it’s not a problem. If you want it vented you’re going to get wet!
Folds up 1/2 tank bag size and is a nice bit of kit. Bit expensive though but I like the racing look rather than the touring (Goretex) look when it’s raining.
I have size 3XL as I am 6"2’ and have Dianese leathers with a hump. It is snug around the body and slightly big around the arms but not flappy.That’s actually good as the armour is quite bulky on the shoulders and elbows anyway.
A nice buy but a bit pricey

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