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Reflective Motorcycle Helmet Bands


Red Mask

An excellent way of making yourself more visible at night. Both cyclists and motorcyclists can benefit from the Respro® Helmet Band.

The Scotchlite™ band stretches around the base of any crash helmet. It utilises a neo-grip surface on the inside so there is no need for adhesive or any fixing device.  Unlike some sticker sets, there’s no risk of invisible solvent damage and it can be transferred from lid to lid - perfect for commuting during the week and lining up on those crack o’ dawn TT’s come the weekend. The band runs all the way around the helmet, making you visible from all angles and you can be seen up to 200 yds away, giving a clear indication to any passing traffic that you are up ahead.

The helmet band is available in plain Scotchlite™ or racing check.

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  • Retro-reflective Scotchlite™ coating
  • Stretchable Neoprene material
  • Grips readily on helmet surface
  • Racing Check or Plain styles
  • Increases visibility on the road at night time
  • No need for adhesive to attach band to helmet
  • Commuting
  • Out of town road riding
  • Motorway riding

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