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Respro® Sanitiser


Red Mask

Your mask is a personal product that is re-usable.

To maintain hygiene within your mask, Respro® have introduced an alcohol free, non-toxic, safe sanitiser. It is a multi-functional neutral pH balance solution that can be used to clean your mask safely and also wipe surfaces to make them germ free. What’s extra cool, is that it is perfect for your travel kit. It is great for cleaning hands or any object you come in contact with. BABY AND TODDLER FRIENDLY AND SAFE TOO!

The atomiser spray is available in a 50ml bottle, perfect to pop in your coat pocket, rucksack for airport security checks. It lasts considerably longer than gels as fewer pumps are needed to get rid of those nasties.

1 x 50ml bottle £6.99
Save £1 when you buy 2 bottles
Save £5 when you buy 5 bottles
Save £10 when you buy a pack of 10

Safe for hands and faces.
Safe for our environment, but deadly to all known germs and bacteria.

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  • Fast acting kills on contact
  • Simple pump operation
  • Carry on flight size
  • Product life span 12 months
  • A non-toxic solution
  • Destroys common bacterial and viral matter
  • Easy to use
  • The perfect travel companion
  • Long lasting
  • Toddler and baby safe
  • Sanitising the filter and mask shell
  • Cleaning the contact surface of the Proseal
  • Cleaning your valves
  • Cleaning your hands
  • Cleaning your face
  • Sanitising surfaces
  • Cleaning your teeth
  • (adding little peppermint oil for tasty toothpaste alternative)
  • Perfect for travel and on all mass transit systems, (airplanes, tubes, trains, and buses)

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