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Carbon Slick™ Road/Race Wet Suit


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Whether you are on the race track or out for a day’s scratching, soggy leathers are not comfortable, they restrict movement and increase your weight value by soaking up the rain.

The Respro®Carbon Slick™ Road/Race wet suit is made from stretch Lycra® with a shiny waterproof coating and keeps the rain off your leathers. The tight fitting Carbon Slick™ is designed to stretch over your leathers and fit like a gossamer as opposed to many rain suits/jackets that flap about when any speed other than tortoise warp factor is achieved.

Streamlined, Aerodynamic, Carbon look panels and curiously sexy, the Respro® Carbon Slick™ is a must for wet weather riders. To ensure you purchase the correct size, email us your height weight and size of your leathers (UK or EU size) to

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  • 'Carbon' look arm and side panels
  • Water and wind proof coatings
  • Quick release gusset
  • Fully washable
  • Keeps leathers dry
  • Easy emergency fit
  • Ride outs
  • Track Days
  • Race Days
  • Off Road

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Very comfortable and effective wet suit to take along when travelling to keep you dry when you get caught in a downpour.  It does not only keep your leathers absolutely dry, but the tight and stretch fit is aerodynamic and does not flap along, which cannot be said from the more classic rain suits.  Furthermore they look rather hot! I still find it a pity that the trousers are only available for racing purposes (featuring a hole for the knee sliders) and not available with a touring variant.

RESPRO’NSE: “Thanks for your comments Peter. Glad you like the suit. Re the trousers, our tech guy suggest a strip of duck tape over the knee holes. The colour choice is yours of course! Seriously, thanks for the suggestion. We will pass it on to the design team”

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